Windows is an album that I released in January of 2015 under my music moniker Dan Kanvis. At the time, I had recently rebranded, following a 14 month stint producing a monthly Chicago hip-hop event called Heavy Rotation. I had built a lot of valuable relationships over the preceding year and it was time to reintroduce myself. This was my first full length LP campaign, and the first statement of a new artistic direction.


- Lack of physical engagement (live shows and related events)
- Lack of digital engagement (social media sharing and general conversation/recognition)

Key Questions:

- How do I activate my fans, from a promotional standpoint?
- How do I draw more potential fans to shows and events?
- How do I grab the attention of tastemakers, locally and beyond?
- How do I make sure that people actually hear this album, when I release it?
- How do I make sure that people talk about this album prior to it's release, and continue that conversation following the drop?

Focused Target Audience:

- 20-30 year olds
- Enjoy hip-hop music and culture
- Appreciate quality over quantity, beyond the music (live shows/events, videos/film, artwork, etc.)
- Frugal when it comes to weekend entertainment
- Open to new experiences (exclusive/surprise events)
- Fans of artists such as Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, Toro y Moi, etc.

Details of the Music & Brand:

- Dark/Ambiguous songwriting and imagery
- Narrative driven and loosely chronological
- Voice via social media is serious and direct, with elements of dry humor, yet not explicitly obvious (speak when necessary)

Solution Element #1: Logomark

- used across the entirety of the campaign on print and digital materials

 Solution Element #2: Reoccurring Imagery

- The Windows wardrobe, consisting of a black hoodie and black pants, and the apartment window
- These are present among nearly every element of the campaign, including my attire at shows and events

 Solution Element #3: Music Videos

- Never Too Much and Stranger released prior to the album
- Don't Leave Me released following the album

Solution Element #4: Single & Artwork Releases

- 4 promotional singles, prior to the release of the album
- 4 pieces of accompanying artwork, revealing settings and characters from the album

Solution Element #5: Listening Party & Photo Recap

- Pre-release opportunity for fans to the hear the album
- Free admission and free beer, courtesy of Goose Island Beer Company
- Exclusive reveal of the album release date via a looping video installation
- Opportunity for fans to buy new merchandise (exclusive to the event)
- Sounds throughout the night provided by several local DJs

Solution Element #6: Listening Party Polaroids

- Polaroids of fans, from the listening party, released on my blog the following week
- Shared by fans across social media, with the album release date included

Solution Element #7: Social Media Notes

- Delivered via Instagram and Twitter
- Reinforcement of the album release date, in the final days leading up to the drop
- Developed an emotional prelude for the album, while providing cryptic context to it's subject matter
- Extension of my brand voice, used on social media

Solution Element #8: Anonymous Mailer

- Mailed via USPS to local tastemakers during the week prior to the album release
- Featured lyrics from the album's interlude

Solution Element #9: Album Trailer

- Universal reveal of the album release date
- Verbal monologue, building on the intentions of the social media notes above
- A silent, extended version of this video doubled as an installation that ran on loop at the listening party

Solution Element #10: Album Artwork

- Continued depiction of the same apartment window
- Consistent with the brand tone and ambiguous nature of the songwriting

Solution Element #11: Responsive Splash Page

- Reinforcement of the album artwork, above the fold
- Soundcloud streaming of the album
- Direct .zip download of the album, in lossless or .mp3 format, including special extra content
- Email list subscription form
- Social media links

Solution Element #12: Email Blast

- Subscribers to my email list, gathered at shows and events in the year preceding, received a letter of appreciation following release day

Solution Element #13: Merchandise

- Exclusively available at the listening party and album release show, until several months following

Solution Element #14: Press

- Featured in The DePaulia the day prior to the album's release
- Featured in Chicago Reader leading up to the release show


Solution Element #15: Windows Live & Recap Video

- Weekend headlining show at Subterranean, in celebration the release of the album
- First time performing with a full band
- First, and only, time performing the entirety of the album
- 180+ turnout
- The release of the recap video served as the final element to the campaign

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